Rioting at Kaki Bukit: SPF needs to be proactive not reactive

So another rioting case; this time in Kaki Bukit. Coming close on the heels of the slashing case in an Orchard Road mall barely a month ago, the public is perturbed.

For how long more will the Singapore Police Force (SPF) continue to ignore public demands for a greater police presence in public places?

SPF should be more proactive instead of being reactive.

It bears repeating that it’s better to deter and prevent crime in the first place notwithstanding SPF’s ability to swiftly bring culprits to justice.

SPF’s mission statement “to make Singapore the safest country in the world” will be only a lip service if its diminished public presence continues.

In Japan I witnessed police patrols on bicycles and on foot. I was impressed with how serious they undertook their duties.

Their police posts were widespread.

Traffic cops appeared during the morning rush hour to monitor the heavy traffic.

A friend visiting from the US said ,”I don’t see any traffic cops.”

I’m not impressed with SPF’s warning that it takes a serious view of lawless and violent behaviour when it’s absent on the ground.

SPF’s Mission Statement must be backed up with action. We need boots on the ground.

Police post in China: widespread and a reassuring sight for tourists but feared by lowlife and criminals.

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