MDA Parliamentary Debate: proof National Conversation is CON

To no one’s surprise, the PAP “government” has absorbed the punches by the opposition in the MDA Parliamentary debate and is resolved to proceed with the diktat on the licensing of online news websites.

The “government” has unwittingly proven what many have suspected: that the National Conversation is one big CON. In the local slang it’s derisively termed as a wayang (for show). The haste with which it rushed through the edict to muzzle the Internet has given rise to the suspicion it has a sinister motive. Like fixing the opposition for one.

Hastily rushing the White Paper on 6.9 million through Parliament earlier this year is another proof that the National CONversation is one big CON job.

The “government” has declared it’d proceed with its plans on censoring the Internet.

One thing that many have pointed out is that creativity and entrepreneurship might be adversely affected.

At his swearing in ceremony on 1 September 2011, President Tony Tan vowed “to encourage the entrepreneur spirit”.

Perhaps he’s not heard of the storm of protest revolving around MDA. But what is certain is that he’s living up to his public image of “the quiet President”.

The National Conversation aims to build a country with hope and a heart. But how are we going to achieve that when the “government” itself is hopeless and without a heart?

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