32 MRT major service disruptions or breakdowns: Train operators have to wake up

So we had suffered 32 major MRT breakdowns in the past year. The Transport Minister, an ex-general parachuted into government, said this in Parliament.

This incredibly high rate of breakdowns distresses commuters. They often lash out at the terrible hassle of continuing their journeys by bus or taxi if they can find one.

I know how frustrating it can be as I experienced an MRT breakdown once.

This begs the question. Why are breakdowns so frequent?

IMHO, it’s due to neglect of maintenance over the years, and now the birds are coming home to roost. Breakdowns are inevitable but certainly not at this astounding level.

I’ve travelled on Shanghai ‘s Metro for a year but have not encountered a SINGLE breakdown. With about 5 times our population, their commuter trains are packed like sardines 24/7 resulting in even greater stress to the system.

I think complacency has overtaken our train operators or being listed companies they watch eagle-eyed their bottom line and therefore cut corners?

These two factors, neglect of maintenance and complacency, have exacted their toll on the efficient running of our MRT.

The transport regulators must be more vigilant and impose even heavier penalties for oversights and disruptions.

Some have called on the government to take over the MRT.

I’m not so sure given the government much deplored tendency for being insanely greedy itself.

Another area of great concern is the level of security which leaves too many loopholes for terrorists to exploit. The government together with the train operators should work together to see how they can strengthen security.

All over China, passengers are required to pass their bags and luggage through an x-ray at the Metro. We can follow suit.

A small inconvenience to pay for peace of mind, don’t you agree?

Active policing in PRC: PRC Police patrolling a Metro.

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