Kovan double murder: suspect arrested by Malaysian Police

Will he do a Mas Selamat?

This thought occurred to me when I read about the Kovan double murder. But former police commanders and detectives were of the opinion that given the tight security at our land borders and SPF knowledge of advanced forensics it was only a matter of time the murderer was caught.

As it turns out, the murderer really did a Mas Selamat by escaping to JB. Not as spectacular as a man with a disability in one leg swimming across the Johor Straits, if the official account is to be believed, but simply by riding across to JB on a scooter.

This beggars belief.

A maid gave a description of the culprit. The land borders should have been on the highest state of alert including coastal areas opposite JB in case he was inspired by Mas Selamat.

So much for tight border controls!

Once again, the Malaysian police has come to the rescue of SPF.

Malaysian Police 2 SPF 0.

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