Kovan double murder: Big blow to SPF and Home Team

Another gruesome crime.

The Kovan double murder is the talk of the town. And now that the murderer is from the Singapore Police Force (SPF), the plot thickens.

And once again people are asking why there are so many foreigners as Auxilliary Police Officers
(APOs). Do Singaporeans shun a career in SPF or is the government more interested in cheap labour?

Many Malaysians are APOs. How were they recruited? Did they undergo any stringent background checks? Or were they simply recruited off the streets in Malaysian cities?

APOs guard our land borders and airports. I think I speak for many when I say I’m not comfortable with this. They can be the weak link in our border security setup.

Murderers easily slipped into JB to escape justice in the past. The Kovan murderer simply rode across on his scooter. The Home Affairs Ministry may be able to satisfy our curiosity as to why our border security is not that tight.

APOs seem to have taken over many policing duties of the regular police force. In fact, I see more APOs than SPF regulars.

The Auxilliary Police should go back to their original business of providing security for businesses. Security at airports and land borders and law enforcement should be undertaken by Singaporean police officers, not outsourced to Aetos and Certis Cisco.

Even the Land Transport Authority has outsourced enforcement of traffic duties normally done by the Traffic Police. This is absurd.

National security cannot be left in the hands of foreigners.

“Many jobs have been outsourced. Even policing? Is the government that poor?” a friend snorted.


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