Slashing case in Ang Mo Kio: SPF must return to active policing

Yet another slashing case!

This time in Ang Mo Kio on Sunday in broad daylight. When the dust has hardly settled over the slashing case in Orchard Road, and the whole of Singapore is still abuzz with the brutality of the Kovan double murder last week.

With the Singapore Police Force (SPF) conspicuously absent from public places, our streets and housing estates, people are so emboldened that some are even carrying concealed weapons.

In 2010, two 18-year-old girls were caught carrying two choppers. In June this year, under the pretense of asking for directions a man slashed a girl in a robbery attempt. One wound was so bad that it required 11 stitches.

Low crime in Singapore? SPF seems to be deluding only itself.

SPF boasts that it wants to make Singapore THE SAFEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Yes, you read it correctly- THE SAFEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

As long as SPF remains MIA or missing in action, that boast is only a lip service. In the local parlance, it
is only a “wayang” ( for show).

Singaporeans no longer feel safe. The recent horrendous crimes should jolt SPF out of its complacency.

It’s time it took action and return to active policing. Unless it enjoys firefighting!

SPF seems to have lost its way. (from SPF website)

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