Straits Times Tessa Wong casts doubt on social media: is she a dinosaur?

Tessa Wong wrote in the state-controlled newspaper, The Straits Times (ST), claiming that the social media can’t be trusted and those reading it should do so with a pinch of salt.

Even the Prime Minister, Ministers and his MPs have taken to the social media. So do we distrust them too?

Has Tessa been a hermit all these years, and missed out on the social media revolution like Facebook, Youtube, Internet forums, blogs, WhatsApp that has swept the world?

The younger generation in particular have taken to the social media like ducks to water.

I spoke to a thirty-something lawyer.

“Everyone is into social media these days. Nobody bothers about the main stream media anymore. Besides, they know MSM is controlled by the ruling PAP government and views expressed are always biased,” said Shufeng.

I also spoke to a twenty-something accountant.

“MSM is only for old-fashioned people like my dad. The social media for me definitely,” Ben said.

Faced with a drastic decline in readership, ST has been trying to woo subscribers with all kinds of free consumer gadgets if they sign up. I’ve often seen stacks of ST unsold.

ST is evidently desperate. It has launched a campaign called “Wherever you are” in which readers submit photographs of wherever they are and telling the story behind the picture.

Guess what sort of picture won?

A picture of a retiree reading a copy of the Straits Times in his HDB flat was the winning entry. The caption says he’s enjoying his ST with his coffee.

When I related this to a friend during lunch, he roared with laughter and showered me with food fragments at the same time.

“So obvious. ST thinks we are brain-dead?,” he snorted.

Tessa Wong implies we can trust MSM since the social media is unreliable. Trust ST when it’s ranked 149 out of 179 by Reporters Without Borders?

I asked a friend if he subscribes to Straits Times.

He replied, “You mean Shitty Times?”

No takers: I often see stacks of ST still unsold by late afternoon.


7 Responses to “Straits Times Tessa Wong casts doubt on social media: is she a dinosaur?”

  1. They just can’t the fact that traditional media is fighting a losing battle against an array of new social media. They are still in their own cave not aware of the ever increasing changes taking place outside their exclusive cave. In fact they could counter this fact by embracing the new social media by making their print media cheaply available in the net. Instead they charge almost the same price as the print edition. If only they could lower their online subscription to say $10 instead of $30 a month I’m sure more will subscribe and read their papers. It seems that younger pplno klonger read their papers widely. Once the older generation passes on, they will face their own demise. Why they can’t see this or they are overwhelmed with greed and profits?

    • You’ve certainly offered them food for thought. Even if they reduce the online subscription I doubt there would be many takers seeing that it’s the regime mouthpiece.

      Moreover, greed and profit is all they care about.

      • Spot on.

        A forceful repudiation of Shitty Times. Its betrayal has been noticed by many.

        Yes, who
        wants to pay to read propaganda and half-truths?

  2. Let me put it this way, if I reduce the price of a shit sandwich from $10 to $1. Do you mean to say everyone will be rushing to stock up on shit. What kinda of pariah dog logic is that?

    Fact: ST exist ONLY to perpetuate the class politics of the PAP. This it does so under the pretense of nation building, when it’s actually nation destroying.

    Fact: ST regularly exaggerates, subverts, embellishes, selectively represent ONLY the state version of truth that only serves the party political hegemony and no one else.

    Fact: ST ranks 150 something just after the Pyongyang Daily post.

    Fact: No one wants to fuck Tessa Wong. (ok lah, maybe I made that up).

    I can go on and on for ten pages – why regularly reading ST is not so different from licking plutonium – my point is this – who in their right frame of mind would want to waste time along killing their brain cells by reading lies and disinformation in the ST even if it comes at a 50%, 70% or 99% discount?

    As a thinking man will always value his mind above all else – so why would anyone even pay good money to read propaganda is beyond me.

    May I say, this is certainly an excellent article.

    Thank you very much for doing a public service to warn others of the hazards of regularly reading the ST.

    Darkness 2013

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  4. Non-transparent environment breeds social media when mainstream media has no credibility.

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