Singapore National Day: 5 reasons why many don’t celebrate

With a week to go before National Day (or Independence Day in some countries), the mood among Singaporeans is sombre.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, here are my top 5 reasons:

1. The cost of living keeps on creeping up and up. Singapore is now the 6th most expensive country in the world, and the MOST expensive in Asia.

2. Housing prices have shot through the roof, including pubic housing.

3. Certificates of Entitlements (COE) needed to buy a car remain sky-high.

4. Mass imports of cheap labour continue unabated, depressing wages and robbing locals of jobs.

5. A liberal immigration policy has seen the traditional Singapore society transformed into a hotchpotch of immigrants from third world countries. Singapore is now the second densest state in the whole world after Monaco.

While the ruling PAP and its elite, the Men in White (MIW), celebrate National Day with more lip service declarations about moving forward and improving lives, many Singaporeans remain resentful and angry.

Naturally if you earn million dollars salaries, the highest in the world, like our PM and his Ministers you have a reason to celebrate. But not the ordinary people who are deep in debt over their housing mortgages, car loans and making ends meet.

And the repressive tendencies of the ruling regime add to the misery.
What’s there to celebrate?

Propaganda: Only million dollars salaried PM and highly paid MPs of ruling PAP have a reason to celebrate National Day which is largely ignored by many Singaporeans.


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  1. Will only celebrate when on the day MIW get kicked out ! Will I see this in my life time?

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