St Margaret’s Secondary School Principal: covering her ass over punishment of bald students?

I’m not in the least surprised by the disciplinary action taken by the principal of St Margaret Secondary School against her students for their bald-headed exposure in school after participating in a fund-raising event when they shaved their heads bald.

Her over the top reaction typifies the mindset of civil servants who slavishly adhere to the letter of the law, rules and regulations.

To forestall copycat behaviour, the principal could have highlighted their exemplary gesture, explaining why they’d be allowed to go bald but not the rest of the school population. I’m very certain the students would understand.

Looking at the issue broadly, students should be encouraged to undertake more adventurous tasks to test their endurance, will-power and courage. This will stand them in good stead in their adult lives.

Our students live sheltered lives. Instead of encouraging them to come out of their comfort zone, school principals tend to display little empathy and overreact.

With principals who are more interested in covering their ass, it’s little wonder then our students grow up with little sense of initiative, adventure and risk-taking.


4 Responses to “St Margaret’s Secondary School Principal: covering her ass over punishment of bald students?”

  1. It’s called “CYA” – Cover your arse. As long as you adhere to this adage in the civil service you are safe. No one not even the minister can touch you. You read what the template reply from the MOE? If I were the principal why should I deviate from this adage taking unnecessary risk? I’m paid more than 10K a month. Shld I take the risk of throwing away my iron rice bowl? That’s the problem with my system! Innovation or cutting edge creativity my foot. Throw them away by the window. Langgar really!

    • You are right. They have to refer to their “template” as you put it to

  2. Singapore always gives me this bad feeling of being very rigid in the way of doing things, people always like to play safe by following the books without taking into considerations of unexceptional situation. This is partly thanks to some of these civil servants and those kiasu Singaporeans. How can students be innovative, creative and enterprising under such an education system? If we continue to behave in this way, Singapore is doomed to go downhill eventually. The old ways of developing are no longer working. If we don’t encourage the whole society to be more flexible, risk-taking and innovative, Singapore will not have much future.

    • I whole-heartedly agree with you. Many would
      share your concerns and views as well. The root cause lies in a regime which puts political survival first.

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