St Margaret Secondary School Principal: covering her ass over punishment of bald students? Part 2

The Singapore school system has been praised by the ruling PAP government. But it has turned the country into a tuition nation. Rote-learning and a heavily exam-oriented school system has tuned out students who are only exam-smart.

The holy grail for school principals is for their schools to excel academically. To motivate them towards this goal, the Ministry of Education (MOE) dishes out financial rewards.

This single-minded approach to schooling has resulted in students lacking in the innovative and creative spirit. Playing it safe, most accept things without question and become conformists.

MOE top brass and school principals themselves were brought up under this system. Don’t rock the boat mindset prevails among them. Indeed, it prevails in the whole of society.

From the President, Ministers, MPs, academics and those who wield influence, all have no comments on the issues facing Singaporeans. Their mantra is silence is golden.

This conformist culture has bred a rubber-stamp Parliament dominated by the ruling PAP government whose MPs have been accused of groupthink and being yes-men.

The government likes to preach that the law is the law, rules are rules. If they are not enforced, why do we have them in the first place, it argues.

But laws and rules are made by man. And man can have an ulterior and sinister motive in making these laws and rules. Like emasculating the political opposition for instance.

Applying the letter of the law and ignoring the spirit of the law has long been the practice of this government. One can see the result of this mindset: a lack of compassion and repressive tendency of this government.


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  1. You are spot on! You hit the correct nail direct to the heart of the matter. The spirit and intent of the law is often ignored. For eg If I were to park my bike at one corner never causes any obstruction or inconvenience to others they will just issue you a $70 summons saying you broke the law etc. They just throw the book at you. They want everything to be neat and order like Lego bricks. They just can’t tolerate a little mess and out of line. Sigh!

  2. With current constraint on school rules and regulations, it will be more appropriate/ innovative/ cooler for the girls to support children with cancer in other ways, such as start blogging for the meaningful event for Hair for Hope and appeal for donation to cancer patient on the post.

    The girls need to keep their earlier promises on wearing wig as a compromise from the school. With their passion for charity, the girls will not be deprived of meaningful act during their life time, and will never be too late to do many noble works during their youth and when they grow older.

  3. This is sad reality of Singapore, play safe, go by the books ! This kind of education and society is going to lead the country to decline !

    • You are absolutely right. Singapore may be known as a garden city globally but never as a creative and innovative society, thanks to 5 decades of an exam-oriented education
      system. The moment a child steps into the school, he faces an endless treadmill of tests for the next 10 years.

  4. The lifting of constraint (compromised twice) is not the end, but the start of more charity involvement (over real promise) for the girls.

    The real winning for all to see/ follow would be the girls’ continual commitment/ heart to cancer patient/ event in the long run.

    • Well said.

      It’s hoped they won’t be disheartened as teens are wont to and that they see the big picture of touching lives in a positive way.

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