Singtel Starhub EPL Package: scoring an own goal

Why I boycott Singtel’s cross-carriage EPL:

1. You are committed to a 2-year contract. A one year contract is more agreeable with most people.

2. An EPL season lasts only for about 9 months. Post EPL, you may be watching repeats.

3. You are restricted only to EPL. You don’t get the European Champions League for example.

4. Next year is World Cup year. I’d rather watch this than EPL Most of the stars would be on duty in the World Cup.

5. Singtel requires a land telephone line if you don’t have a broadband. Many of us have already disposed of the land line.

6. Singtel full package includes Mio TV which is less appealing than Starhub. For instance, Singtel news group doesn’t even have BBC or CNN. Who wants to watch state-controlled China’s CCTV4 or Russian news TV?

What Singtel can do to reverse the tide of boycott:

1. Change the contract to one year.

2. Singtel Gold Pack which includes 9 sports channels should be made available to Starhub customers.

Singtel seems to be vindictive. If you are Starhub customers, you get fewer benefits even though you pay only a few dollars less. Singtel says it incurs costs in cross-carriage. Really? Or is it bluffing?

1000 Starhub customers paying $59.90 means a revenue of $60,000 to Singtel.

Singtel, you’re scoring an own goal don’t you realise?

Meanwhile, Starhub is trying to pull the wool over our eyes by claiming that its $300 rebate is equal to a 50% discount. Spread over two years, it’s only a discount of a paltry $12.50 as the Business Times paper pointed out today.

Hey, Starhub, even a Primary 3 kid can work out the Maths you know, so don’t try to bluff people, OK?


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  1. Don’t really fancy those pay TV stuff! How nice if I can have own satellite dish so that I can choose whatever we want to see

    • I’ve been toying with the same idea. Any expert who can assist would be much appreciated.

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