PM Lee National Day Message: another lip service moment

So another National Day has come and gone.

What were some of your abiding memories of the past week?

I have a few of my own. This year the mood was even more sombre than the past years.

I “celebrated” National Day cycling round the island for a distance of 90 km, covering most of the heartland. It was just an ordinary day with most people ignoring National Day and refusing to hang the National Flag. Fortunately we have a “democratic” government that does not force its citizens to fly the flag.

Another thing that stood out was the the conferment of the nation’s highest award, the Order of Temasek, First Class, to ex-President Nathan for his contributions. What these contributions were remain a great mystery to Singaporeans for during his terms in office he was extraordinarily quiet.

One can only conclude that a President who excels only in cutting ribbons and waving to the audience can easily win the admiration of the ruling PAP.

The current President, Tony Tan, will doubtless be given the same award in due course. After all, his track record so far follows unerringly that of his predecessor. Why change a winning formula?

I’m grateful to PM Lee. His National Day Message once again confirms that his belief in the value of lip service remains unshaken. I’ve said it many times before that nothing excites him more than making hollow promises.

For instance, now he says he wants to build a fair and just society. This again proves that the National Pledge to build a democratic, equal and just society is a farce and a sham. What has PM Lee been doing since he assumed office in 2004? Busy fixing the opposition?

We all behave according to our core values and beliefs. The ruling PAP’s core values and beliefs are revolved around emasculating the political opposition, groupthink, being self-serving and repression.

In that it’s been consistent.

Snub in Tanjung Pagar GRC: even here in the constituency of Lee Kuan Yew, few are excited about National Day to fly the flag.

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