ESM Goh says Singapore must change to avert crisis: political reform?

It’s absurd of former Prime Minister, ESM Goh Chok Tong, to tick off Singaporeans for piling pressures on the Singapore government.
Apart from the fact that the government’s mission is carry out the will of the people, it’s also the highest paid in the whole world so naturally the expectations of the electorate are high.

It’s even more absurd of ESM Goh to suggest that a new social compact needs to be forged. In a social compact the citizens give up part of their rights. ESM Goh is deeply out of touch.

May I remind ESM Goh that the world has moved on. The ruling PAP government is still stuck with a mindset from the last century. What Singapore needs is definitely not a social compact to perpetuate its repressive rule but political reform.

Political reform. Two simple words but avoided like the plague by the ruling regime. Even the military junta in Myanmar has yielded to the demands of the people, freed the press and embarked on political reform.

Repressive political parties do not willingly give up their core value of authoritarianism. Often in self-denial, they have to be dealt massive pain at the polls or be toppled in a revolution as the recent Arab Spring amply demonstrated.

“Social compact? Goh is so so last century”, my friend Wee said. “What about his promised Swiss standard of living? Looks like only he and his cronies are enjoying a Swiss standard of living.”

A common sight: scraping a living in one of the wealthiest nations in the world.


2 Responses to “ESM Goh says Singapore must change to avert crisis: political reform?”

  1. Talking nonsense, don’t take those politicians’ words too seriously! It is they who never change! They never want to stop enslaving us !

  2. Extract from ‘Cooling-Off Day’ (Alfian Sa’at — Ethos Books, 2012):


    There’s a word I learnt when I came to Singapore
    And the word is ‘kiasu’.
    I think we cannot divorce political culture
    From the culture of the people.
    And this kiasu mentality
    Permeates the whole of Singaporean society.

    The benign form of kiasuism
    Is this competitive streak.
    But the other side of the coin is fear.
    Fear of losing out, fear of change.

    That’s usually a headline which reads
    ‘PM tells Singaporeans to prepare
    For tough challenges ahead’,

    Or ‘PM tells Singaporeans not to take
    Singapore’s stability for granted’.

    But it all boils down to the same thing.
    And that same thing is,
    ‘PM tells Singaporeans to keep on being kiasu’.

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