PM LEE National Day Rally Speech 2013: derided, ridiculed, scoffed, mocked by many

I’ve had my say regarding PM Lee National Day Rally Speech. Surfing the net, I was keen to hear the views of netizens.

As expected, most greeted the speech with derision and scepticism. Mad, rhetoric, cried others.

One described it as a step in the right direction. Another said the speech was a good cure for insomniacs.

Why the negative reaction?

It all boils down to trust. A large swathe of Singaporeans no longer trusts the PAP government. PM Lee once again confirms this by avoiding hot button issues I mentioned in the preceding blogpost.

Lately Ministers have been preaching on the subject of trust, urging Singaporeans to trust them. The latest to jump onto the bandwagon is ESM GOH CHOK TONG.

Trust is pivotal in any relationship. Without it, there’s suspicion and distrust.

PM Lee is widely regarded as paying attention only to lip service.

One example will do. At his Swearing-in Ceremony in 2011 after GE2011, he said “… the Government will engage all segments of society – young and old, students, workers and retirees. We will reach out online and in the real world.”

Stirring words. But his government now attempts to censor what people read on the Internet through an MDA diktat requiring the licensing of news sites.

Even if he were sincere this time, people are still sceptical.

He cried wolf too many times.

Pioneer generation collecting cardboards to survive: “We will take care of the older generation.” (PM Lee, 2011)


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  1. Take care of the older generation? Maybe he is referring to taking care of his father only!

    • You may have a point there because suddenly he got emotional over the pioneer generation. LOL

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