Straits Times accorded Superbrands status: super absurd and super out of touch

Life as they say is full of ironies.

The Straits Times aka Shitty Times has been accorded Superbrands status. Eyebrows are surely being raised at this preposterous “achievement”.

In the last few years, ST has been trying to woo Singaporeans with all sorts of promotions. Lately, it went into overdrive to entice people to take up subscriptions. But judging by its relentless advertising campaign, few are biting.

Without doubt, its readership has been dwindling.

This year’s Press Freedom Index ranks Singapore 149 out of 179 countries, down from 135 last year. Singapore has Russia and Iraq as neighbors.

Thanks to the PAP regime diktat on the licensing of online news sites and the spewing of more propaganda for the regime, the ranking will dip further. Perhaps, it will be within spitting distance of North Korea (178) in the near future.

Among my circle of friends, 70 to 80% have given up on ST. Why pay to read propaganda from the regime mouthpiece is their consensus.

Many would therefore dispute that ST has demonstrated the four key brand attributes of Quality, Reliability, Trust and Distinction. Maybe in propaganda for the regime.

The organisers of Superbrands have now damaged their credibility. From now on, people will take their commendations with a large pinch of salt.


2 Responses to “Straits Times accorded Superbrands status: super absurd and super out of touch”

  1. And when we ARE ranked in the bottom half-dozen countries, as seems imminent on current trends, how will State media react? Will we see a great, carefully-orchestrated “groundswell” of wayang that “statistics don’t matter”? Will the PAP even allow it to be mentioned at all, or will pointing out how far and fast we’ve fallen bring a visit from your “friendly” ISD stone faces?

    • LOL. They will then refer to their template of responses and say it is full of inaccuracies!

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