Syria crisis House of Commons debate: lesson for repressive PAP regime in Singapore

Listening to the heated debate last night over the Syrian crisis in the British Parliament, a few thoughts crossed my mind. Shown live, the whole world could watch the proceedings.

This is real democracy at work unlike the pseudo one here in Singapore. This is a real first world Parliament although the PAP regime made similar claims to the derision of many.

The cut and thrust of debate was very much in evidence as Prime Minister David Cameron and the Opposition leader, Ed Miliband, allowed themselves to be interrupted by MPs who made off the cuff interjections.

One can easily see why it’s important for a real democracy to have a two-party form of Parliament to provide checks and balances. In contrast, true to the PAP regime core value of groupthink, our Ministers have asserted that a dominant PAP is good for the country. This is absurd.

With its two-thirds majority, we have seen time and again how the PAP regime rode roughshod over the will of the people.

Who can forget how the White Paper on 6.9 Million Population was rammed down our throats?

In the British debate, even MPs from the ruling party voted against the motion calling for military action against Syria over its use of chemical weapons. Again in contrast, although some PAP MPs voiced disagreement in the White Paper debate, they either abstained from the vote or had a sudden senior moment that necessitated an urgent visit to the Gent.

In the end, David Cameron was defeated in Parliament, and has abandoned plans for military strikes against Syria.

Early this morning I received a call from a friend. He said,”Did you watch the debate on BBC? Compare their debate and ours on the White Paper.” He laughed.

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