Cycling to Frasers Hill from KKB: a beautiful ride

Many cyclists have shared their experiences in cycling up to Frasers Hill in Malaysia. I’ll not repeat what they’ve said but hope I can add some useful pointers.

1. There’s no direct train from Singapore to Kuala Kubu Bahru (KKB). You need to take a KOMUTER train from KL. Bikes are allowed provided they are folded. You’ll arrive in KKB by late afternoon.

2. Hotels in KKB are mostly very basic.

3. There’s a 24 hour Indian restaurant with free wifi.

4. There are no kampung or under the tree food stalls on the way up to Frasers Hill.

5. Only at The Gap there’s a small food stall where you can eat and have a coffee under the trees.

6. There are no shelters till you reach the reservoir, the waterfall area or the few Indian temples. To answer the call of nature, simply go back to nature.

7. Watch out for scorpions on the grass verge.

8. It’s worth repeating that you can now go up FH at any hour of the day without having to wait at The Gap for the correct hour for up-down traffic.

When I rode up to FH, the road was practically deserted and I was the lone cyclist. Many have gushed at how beautiful the ride is. You can add me to the list.

It’s worth the trouble, trust me.

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