Teachers’ Day in Singapore: a tribute to teachers

Today is Teachers’ Day.

This blogpost is a tribute to all Singapore teachers.

Teaching is the only job in the world where one can make a great difference in imparting values, education and shaping lives. Such impact is lifelong.

Despite the immense difficulties they face on a daily basis, teachers can take satisfaction in the knowledge that they have contributed in no small way towards educating a generation of young minds.

It’s something of a miracle to see a child come to Primary 1, after ten years he or she can grapple with complex Mathematics and the Sciences, speak two or three languages and imbued with so much knowledge.

My own teachers are very much in my mind. In my time, teachers were strict, disciplining us with a pinch, slap or a cane. If they had not cared for our us, hoping we would do well in life, they’d not have bothered to have corrected our mistakes.

Everyone needs a teacher, including the rich and the famous. Can you imagine a world without teachers?

Happy Teachers’ Day to ALL teachers, past and present!


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