Cycling in Langkawi: a cycling paradise Part 1

Langkawi is one of the most popular cycling destinations for Malaysians, particularly for those who live in the north. For Singaporean cyclists, it poses a bit of logistic problem though.

Langkawi offers rustic charm, breathtaking scenery, beautiful beaches and duty-free beer at less than SGD$1.

Traffic is very light. On some roads cows are startled by the sight of cyclists. There are enough hilly parts to satisfy the hard-core cyclist.

If kampung life thrills you, Langkawi offers it in abundance. Having a cuppa of coffee under a tree is my idea of relaxation. For me that’s one of the pleasures of cycling in Langkawi .

With kampung dotting the island, one is never far from a meal or a drink. But don’t short-change yourself by rushing through. Follow its slow rhythm of life, and you’ll enjoy more.

Getting to Langkawi can be a hassle but it’s worth all that trouble.

Postcard scenery.

Tour de Langkawi: a big group of Malaysians sweating it out.

Mountainous terrain can satisfy hard-core cyclists.

Temptation: few can resist BBQ chicken and a refreshing coconut.

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