Malaysia Day: a perspective from a Singaporean

Today is Malaysia Day, a day which reminds me of the shameful
expulsion of Singapore, thanks to LKY.

The Malaysians it appears are more proud of their country than us. To celebrate their Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day, Malaysians proudly display their national flag on their cars, homes, makan places (food outlets), car parks, shopping malls, bridges, shops and everywhere where the flag could flutter.

In sharp contrast, few people displayed the national flag on our own National Day. It was particularly bad this year. Given the many problems that continue to trouble Singaporeans, it’s understandable. Even in LKY’s constituency I noticed that few residents displayed the flag.

Clearly there’s something rotten in
Singapore despite the outward glitter. All that glitters is not gold!

Say what you like about Malaysia, it’s definitely more democratic with greater civic and political freedoms. PM Najib often speaks proudly of their democracy whereas in Singapore that very word is a taboo with PM Lee and his Ministers.

What’s else is so good about Malaysia you might well ask? Well, let me touch on just one issue: our obsession with cars.

In Malaysia, you don’t need a COE to buy a car. Flush with cash? Just walk into any showroom to buy your dream car.

So you want a Camry? OK, that’s SGD$60K plus in Malaysia.

Is that all you might ask? No, in the interest of brevity. But you might ask the thousands who cross the Causeway daily into Malaysia despite the Singapore government effort to discourage such trips into a neighbouring country with its absurd exit toll and ridiculous 3/4 tank rule.

Happy Malaysia Day!


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