SPF: why police patrols missing?

Singapore Baby Boomers

It was like witnessing a comet streaking across the sky such was the rarity.

It loomed in the darkness with lights blazing, moving at a slow measured pace. No, it was not a UFO. It was a huge police vehicle.

Why rare? In all the years cycling on the Park Connector Network or PCN all over the island, it was the first time I ever saw a police vehicle.

It was at 9 pm near Punggol Point. The PCN was deserted except for a few cyclists. It was there presumably on patrol. This is good because police patrols in Singapore are practically non-existent.

But why use such a humongous SUV? Why not bicycles? Something more appropriate in a park.

Anyhow, I welcome police patrols on the PCN.

I’ve repeatedly called for a greater police presence in public places but the Singapore Police Force (SPF) remains unmoved. Lives would have been…

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