LTA: get Woodlands Checkpoint congestion MOVING

It is strange. This love affair with JB routinely described by the PAP mouthpiece, The Straits Times, as riddled with crime.

Every day the Woodlands ICQ and Causeway see big jams. These days it normally takes about an hour or more to cross over to JB. Weekends see even heavier congestion.

Drivers curse and swear but still they brave the terrible conditions. Pity those with weak bladders and kids stuck in a car on a hot day.

While traffic clogs up the road to JB, over the other side at Tuas it’s all peaceful and plain sailing.

What deters most people from using Tuas ICQ is the much higher toll and the round about route to JB which is the holy grail for gluttons, shopaholics and entertainment.

To encourage more drivers to use Tuas, LTA should consider reducing the toll. LTA should not be driven by profit, or worse greed, as widely perceived but by public service.

LTA’s motto is “We keep your world MOVING”. It’s hoped LTA can live up to its motto.


7 Responses to “LTA: get Woodlands Checkpoint congestion MOVING”

  1. Actually the toll charge at Tuas is linked to the Msian side. If the Msia side goes up our side will also rise in tandem.

    • Absurd to link it to Msian side. I still can recall LTA’s ridiculous reply when asked why we need exit toll at Woodlands, it said because JB ICQ imposes one. At least Msia can justify its toll as we are making use of their transport infrastructure.

      • Agreed. It’s a pretext to squeeze more revenue out of the motorists. The problem with this regime is that they must tax and squeeze the people for every foreseeable reason or pretext. If not they can’t sleep in peace. Just look around you it’s either a tax or hefty fine for every little “crime”! I need not go at length to elaborate or give examples.

      • Very well said.I’ve seen LTA Enforcement officers sneaking into even private estates late at night to look for business. Probably the only country in the world with this practice.

  2. In Singapore, governing a country is a big business, that’s why in Singapore, the one who is the richest is the government!

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