DPM Teo warns of new fault-lines in S’pore society: A rojak society we have become

My friend Michael was very angry.

He ranted that he had to wait for hours to collect his passport on Saturday. Many of those in the queue were foreigners he said.

Welcome to the new realities in Singapore.

In the past, a visit to the polyclinic took up about two hours. But now I go in at 1 PM and emerge only at 5:30 PM.

A news report yesterday featured a story about how packed NUS shuttle buses are. Packed trains and packed buses these days fray tempers. Weekends see the worst cases of overcrowding.

Other realities we face:

1. PRC people who insist on speaking to you only in Chinese.

2. Foreign enclaves have sprung up.

3. Foreigners stick with their own kind as if they are still in their homeland.

4. We have become a rojak society with PRC people, Pinoys, India Indians, Vietnamese, Burmese. Each has staked out their own territories.

5. Born and bred here Singaporeans feel that they are now in the minority.

Thanks to the 60.1% who feel that they eternally obliged to be grateful to the ruling PAP, our social tapestry has been irrevocably changed.

The government warns of new fault-lines, urging Singaporeans to help foreigners integrate. As usual, the regime is always playing catch-up as it’s sorely out of touch and sleeping on the job.

Besides, it’s ridiculous to suggest WE have to help foreigners to integrate. Even more preposterous is the idea that the government is spending $10 million of taxpayers money on this integration exercise.

Appeals won’t work. Integration takes years, perhaps a generation .
It’s all very well for out of touch Ministers from their ivory towers to preach on integration. The real picture on the ground is not pretty, to be honest. I’ve seen it and bore the brunt of insults and bad manners from the largest community of foreigners, PRC people.

Hope PAP voters and sympathisers are greatly pleased with the new rojak Singapore society. Truly Asia ( minta maaf, Tourism Malaysia).

Countrymen: PRC residents nightly gathering


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