Cycling in Singapore: cyclists to be licensed soon?

I read with some alarm discussions about the licensing of cyclists and mandatory courses for them. I knew it’d come to that one day.

And when these issues are debated and discussed in the mainstream media in Singapore, it’s highly likely the authorities will act.

Take for instance, the action by the regime to license websites with a significant reach reporting on Singapore after months of noises by government Ministers on the negative influence of the internet.

One Minister even made the ridiculous claim that the internet was destroying our social fabric when it was the regime that opened the floodgates to migrants to inundate this tiny island of 700 sq km, now overcrowded with 5.3 million people.

Cycling has taken off in a big way here, both as a form of recreation, sport and commuting. Licensing of cyclists will mean only one thing: another revenue stream for the regime whose core value of greed is well known.

All they need is an excuse like a survey to prove that there’s widespread unhappiness against cyclists and a law will soon come into effect. Right now, some bureaucrats are already salivating over the prospect of promotion for helping the regime to rake in more revenue.

After all, Lee Kuan Yew reportedly said, “What’s wrong with collecting more money?” over the issue of COE.

This core culture of greed permeates all levels of government. In the near future, cyclists will bear the brunt of this culture of greed.

“If we have a desert, they will even draw parking lots there,” said a retired civil servant and ardent cyclist.

Writing on the wall: soon cyclists will be licensed?

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