Say ‘No’ to foreign influx of workers and THEIR FAMILIES

My neighbour’s son, who spent two years in the UK, told me, “Uncle, the changes in Singapore are incredible. Suddenly, the MRT has become so overcrowded. And it’s at all times of the day, you know.”

“Welcome to the new Singapore,” I said.

“And how come there are so many, many foreigners?” he asked.

So I joined the dots for him, explaining what has happened in his absence.

I’ve also spoken to some other younger people like him. Most are opposed to the idea of allowing migrants bringing their families over, their ageing parents and kids.

Ageing parents simply add to our already huge pool of the elderly and overcrowding. Their kids make classroom size, already at an unacceptable level, even more unmanageable.

And what do their parents do here?

Some work as cleaners. Others sell tissues or become beggars. One PRC elderly woman I saw in Changi Village was even busking!

And she earned a cool $50 for her efforts. As far as I know, one needs the approval of the National Arts Council for busking.

The point is the PAP government has lost the plot on immigration. This is one thing that even European countries are battling to put right. On paper it’s easy but in practice it’s very hard to calibrate.Hence, our immigration policy is in a shambles.

Which reminds me of the vice situation in Geylang. Like immigration, the authorities have lost control of the situation there.

Now I’ve nothing personal against foreigners. I’ve spoken to many, mainly PRC cleaners and Indian labourers to ask them about their lives here and their families they’ve left behind.

It’s the government who opened the floodgates to an unchecked foreign influx of workers. Humans will go anywhere to seek a better life for themselves and their families.

So generally we don’t blame them. We only blame this short-sighted government that has been sleeping on the job. It’s now only beginning to wake up, thanks to the outcry on the Internet.

My neighbour’s son has seen enough. He now wants to migrate.

Good money: elderly PRC busker exchanging her loose change.


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