Man spits at woman: thuggish behaviour on the rise

A very aggressive young man spat on a lady not once but several times at a bus interchange.

It was disappointing that SMRT staff merely watched helplessly as he continued to hurl abuse at the lady, and didn’t try to restrain him from attacking the lady by spitting at her again and again.

With his face captured on camera, I’m sure Singapore Police Force (SPF) will have little problem in arresting him.

Once again this underlines the importance of SPF having a presence in public places, particularly very crowded ones like MRT stations and bus interchange. As our population increases with the influx of immigrants, SPF should be increasing its presence. Instead it has withdrawn from our streets and public places.

There are the occasional patrols on MRT trains and at bus interchange. But this is really not enough. Such patrols, as I saw in Japan and China, must be a permanent feature.

SPF has taken out TV advertisements to boost its image perhaps. With police presence missing, respect for SPF has plunged. I’ve yet to come across an online comment praising SPF.

SPF should be reminded that its job, difficult though it may be, is chiefly to maintain law and order. Citizens and all those who work and live here need to be protected against thuggish behaviour and crime.

SPF has been out of sight for far too long. Haven’t they heard of the adage Out of sight, out of mind?

Advisory: this won’t do much to combat crime. Active policing is preferable.

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