NParks: the mystery of the missing Brompton bikes on the PCN

Mention NParks and most people can recall the saga of its purchase of $2200 Brompton foldable bicycles. When word leaked out, there was such a storm of protest that an inquiry was held.

Minister Khaw defended the purchase. Such expensive bikes were more comfortable and convenient for NParks’ officers. But most people saw it as an extravagance, pointing to much cheaper alternatives.

Ordinary people, as opposed to Ministers preaching from their ivory towers, have more commonsense. Now, my foldable bike costing only a quarter of a Brompton is still going strong after nearly two years.

I’ve ridden it all over Singapore and in more punishing terrain than our park connectors, for instance, in Malaysia. But the bike has not given me any problem. Before you go screaming your head off that I’m bragging, dash the thought. Fact is, it is an el cheapo bike so what’s there to brag?

Strangely, I’ve yet to see NParks officers riding their Brompton in parks or on the PCN. Given the negative publicity, have they ditched their bikes?

On a more positive note, Nparks has done a wonderful job with its PCN network. Let’s not the Brompton controversy detract from its achievement.

I’m sure the thousands of cyclists who enjoy the use of the PCN will agree. Well done, NParks.

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