Spitting incident at Woodlands Interchange: SPF should carry out active policing

It’s heartening to note that SPF have been swift to arrest the spitter. I watched the video and found it scary the way he humiliated the woman and struck fear into those who happened to around at the time.

This highlights the need for SPF to boost its policing in public areas. So far it’s ignored this.

What if the arrested man had had a weapon? He’d have inflicted serious injuries or even caused a death.

Once again SPF have been reactive instead of being more proactive with active policing.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Singapore is becoming increasingly thuggish and violent. It’s SPF’s job to eradicate this menace to society and to combat crime.

SPF may argue that their current strategy of firefighting is effective but I don’t think many would agree with that.

We need boots on the ground so to speak.

Singapore cops: an endangered species, rarely seen in public.

LTA Enforcement squad: abundant, seen everywhere issuing traffic fines.

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