Cyber attacks on govt websites: national security shouldn’t be outsourced

The cyber attacks against the Singapore government underlines the concern many Singaporeans have over the security of the country.

This covers not only cyber security but internal security as well.

Many view with growing alarm the vast numbers of so-called foreign talent manning IT in Singapore. Their driving ambition is to make money not the cyber security of Singapore. Besides, their “talent” if any is dubious.

The ease with which more than 50 Singapore government and and its related websites were hacked despite advance notice given by the hackers suggests the ineptitude of the IT personnel concerned. The government insistence it was all due to “planned maintenance” prompts hilarity and scorn in equal measure.

Not only has our cyber security been outsourced but also our internal security as exemplified by the Auxiliary Police Force. Mostly Malaysians, they guard our border checkpoints and airports. People have discovered that they were recruited off the streets of Malaysia , for instance, in Kuala Lumpur.

It’s a widely known fact that black sheep exist in the security industry and even police force in Malaysia. A few days ago, a security guard there robbed his own jewellery store.

Many feel uneasy at the sight of foreigners handling our security, particularly at the land checkpoints and airports. Their backgrounds may be dubious. Their loyalty is definitely not with Singapore.

Two examples of lapses in security are still fresh in the minds of many people.

In July this year, a police officer committed a brutal double murder and easily escaped to JB on his motorbike.

In 2008 an Islamist terrorist mastermind, Mas Selamat, escaped from a high-security detention centre despite suffering a limp in one leg. He too was able to escape to JB.

Whatever the types of security, only Singaporeans, whose backgrounds are impeccable, should be entrusted with the task.

The driving motive should not be all about profit which is a core value the ruling regime. Clearly lessons have not been learnt.

Singapore is probably the only country in the world that entrusts its national security to foreigners. Some may even go so far as to say the ruling regime has sold out the country.

LTA Enforcement: they work hard, roaming extensively to book vehicles for illegal parking even in quiet private and industrial estates. Most are Malaysians.


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