President Tony Tan’s lip service promises Part 2 of 2

A friend who rarely comments on the governance by the ruling PAP said, “President Tony Tan walks here and there, doing nothing but he earns millions.”

I was taken aback. Then he went on to calculate how many thousands the President earns in AN HOUR.

What my friend didn’t know is that this is common knowledge in the social media. But the trouble is that he is one of those who doesn’t trouble himself with the social media.

If he did, he would have been astounded by the widespread criticism of the President.

What has the President achieved since he was sworn into office in 2011? Has he kept the promises he made at his swearing-in ceremony?

For example, he declared “During my term of office, I hope to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in all Singaporeans.”

Now what has he done in this area? As far as I know, nothing.

He ended his speech with a stirring commitment: “I will apply myself to these tasks with all my ability, with all my energy, and with all my heart. With your support, I will strive to be a President of whom you will all be proud.”

I’ve yet to hear of anyone who says, “I’m proud of our President.” In fact, many are ashamed, even angry.

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