Riot in Little India: writing on the wall

Many people have said that the rioting in Little India was something waiting to happen.

Perhaps it had something to do with poor living conditions, exploitive employers and terms of employment as some have speculated. And things came to a head with the death of a fellow countryman in a tragic road accident, and Indians in their anger overreacted.

Road accidents happen all the time. People should have let the authorities handle the accident case instead of overreacting.

But other factors could have infuriated them.

Each foreign community lives in their own bubble, and because their numbers are so large and therefore they can find support within their own community, integration is the last thing on their minds.

We’ve already seen bus strikes and protests by PRC people. Now the South Asian community.

You can’t be bringing in tens upon thousands of foreign workers without something giving way one fine day.

While the regime leaders were sleeping on their watch, foreigners were quietly carving out their territory much like the colonists of the past.

If the PAP regime pushes ahead with 6.9 million population, with third world people making up half the population, Singapore will be reduced to a third world status.

A self-serving regime with authoritarian values cares less. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

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