Park Connector Network (PCN): iron out the kinks

NParks’ Park Connector Network (PCN) concept is something I’ve yet to see in another country. For cyclists, it’s simply fantastic as they can go far without having to compete with motorists. Distances of up to 60 km is easily attained on the PCN.

However, NParks can improve the PCN further.

Here are some suggestions and issues:

1. Directional signs can be missing due to road works and construction activities. Temporary signs should be put up.

2. Directional signs should be at eye level and lit up at night. Distances from one area to another could be indicated.

3. Along Mandai Road, overhanging branches outside the golf club have rendered part of the PCN there unusable.

4. The Kallang River PCN is hampered by staircases. A simple solution is to build a ramp.

The idea is to make the PCN an enjoyable experience.

In the coming years, the PCN will reach a distance of up to 700 km. This is like driving from Singapore to Taiping in Malaysia. Hardcore cyclists can’t wait for that day.

Hindrance: there are two such hindrances along the Kallang River PCN. A ramp would be helpful.

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