Poor MRT security: samurai man on MRT

The guy masquerading as a samurai warrior wielding a sword on the MRT trains highlights the security lapses in our transport system.

MRT stations may be awash with surveillance cameras but is anyone monitoring them? This incident suggests MRT staff were not alert enough and that they had put passengers in great danger.

I’ve seen the occasional police patrols, but they don’t inspire confidence frankly. Heavily armed but they patrol in a big group as if seeking safety in numbers.

The security personnel at entrances to MRT stations are often seen as being more preoccupied with their handphones than security issues. Besides, they are often missing at their posts.

In China, everything has to pass through an x-ray machine. In Japan, police officers station themselves at entrances to subway stations. In Bangkok, bags are searched.

In Singapore, everyone can enter MRT stations with all sorts of luggage and backpacks. This is a dangerous practice which needs to be stopped immediately.

Should there be a terrorist incident, will the government come out to say it was just an isolated incident and let’s have a COI to find out the causes?

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