Little India Riot COI: irresponsible to have SPF manpower shortage

Now the Police Commissioner has admitted something we knew all along: manpower shortage in SPF.

This raises a few questions. Assuming he raised the matter with the Interior Minister, TCH, was he persistent enough or did he merely agree to whatever excuse the minister gave to turn him down.

Given the culture of groupthink and compliance in the government, most would say the CP simply slunk away in disappointment.

CP Ng disclosed that there is a hint of lawlessness in Geylang. Actually, not only in Geylang but in the whole country!

Singapore has become increasingly lawless. Taxi drivers are routinely attacked. Teens riot in shopping malls on a murderous spree. HDB residents are also routinely robbed. A fight even took place outside the State Courts recently.

And I’m not even going to describe the slaughter and reckless and inconsiderate driving on the roads due to an absent Traffic Police.

People have long noticed the absence of active policing in public places, something which I’ve mentioned many times. Crime occurs because of a perceived opportunity. And criminal elements have taken note of that.

The government is irresponsible in being ever ready to spend billions on fanciful defence toys than on a strong SPF to ensure law and order in the country.

It grates on my nerves every time ministers say they take a calibrated approach to this and that when in fact they are totally clueless.

Our MRT trains and buses are very vulnerable. Security of both is lax, posing a great danger to commuters. The authorities have to make security on trains and buses a priority ASAP.

Or do they need another incident and yet another COI to get things done?

SPF’s crime fighting strategy: by notice boards appealing for witnesses and not via active policing.

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