Singapore’s Homeland Security: irresponsible of govt to outsource homeland security

Workers’ Party has lambasted the government in Parliament for outsourcing Homeland Security.

At the border checkpoints and airports you see Auxiliary Police Officers (APOs), many recruited off the streets of Malaysian cities. This is hardly surprising actually as the government believes in recruiting cheap labour.

But this practice is highly irresponsible. In fact, it’s dangerous for our homeland security. It’s all far too easy for a rogue APO to plot with criminals and terrorists to do us harm.

Homeland security should be handled only by born and bred Singaporeans. Period. Singaporeans whose allegiance to the country is beyond a shadow of a doubt. Foreign APOs don’t pledge allegiance to Singapore. At any moment, they can shed their uniform and vanish in Malaysia.

I’m not suggesting that all foreign APOs are crooks but that their loyalty may be in doubt. Besides, have their backgrounds been thoroughly investigated?

I have my doubts. Just look at the many cases of fake certs produced by foreign workers and their mendacious claims to this and that work experience. Even MOM couldn’t cope.

Again, recall the ease with which the Kovan double-murderer police officer who calmly rode his bike to the Woodlands Checkpoint and escaped to JB?

There are no ifs and buts. Foreigners should not be put in charge of homeland security in any guise.

Do we have to wait for another tragic incident and another COI before the government acts? It’s getting to be a bad habit to say the least.

Dangerous: homeland security reduced merely to alerts like this.

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