Pinoy Independence Day Celebrations in Singapore: opening a Pandora’s box

The majority of netizens and people I’ve spoken to are unhappy over the Pilipino Independence Day Council Singapore (PIDCS)’s plan to celebrate their Independence Day openly in Orchard Road.

It’s insensitive to hold the celebrations in the open in such a public place outside a popular shopping mall in the heart of the city.

There are many other foreign communities in SG who may be envious of the govt’s partiality towards Pinoy. This is not helpful towards fostering integration with all communities concerned.

Clearly PM Lee has not learned a lesson from the Little India Riot COI. I’m sure SPF is worried about public order issues.

The issue is not about xenophobia which PM Lee has roundly accused netizens of inciting but about the insensitivity surrounding the controversy.

The way the Philippines flag is portrayed in the poster is particularly offensive. Also, the flag is a subtle reminder for Pinoy to pledge their allegiance to the Philippines.

It would be disquieting if new Pinoy SG citizens were to do that.

A precedent has been set. It’d be hardly surprising if other migrant communities also demand the space to celebrate their own National/Independence Day.

The government is fuelling sectarian divisions.

It’s opening a Pandora’s box.

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