Pinoy Independence Day celebration in Singapore: PM Lee is disgraceful

PM Lee has lambasted Singaporeans as disgraceful over opposition to Pinoy people here holding an Independence Day celebration in the heart of a famous shopping belt in Singapore. The government mouthpiece, The Straits Times ranked 150 in the world, have been trumpeting the comments of so called experts decrying the xenophobia.

PM Lee is seriously out of touch. The protest comes from a wide spectrum of society not from the fringe. It has to be seen against the background of the influx of foreign workers who have swarmed the country like locusts, displacing local workers from jobs and depressing wages. Besides, our traditional social tapestry is now in tatters, undermined by foreign values and cultures.

Celebrating the event in a public place shows utter disrespect for the feelings of Singaporeans who are increasingly angry over what many see as a foreign invasion of the country. This has resulted in the establishments  of foreign enclaves and their refusal at integration with the natives.

As many Singaporeans have taken pains to stress,  if the event is held privately indoors or within the confines of the Philippines Embassy nobody will kick up a ruckus.

That PM Lee, elected by Singaporeans, was quick to chide them is disgraceful.











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