Pinoy Independence Day celebration in Singapore: PM Lee’s hidden agenda?

Many Singaporeans I’ve spoken to are disgusted with PM Lee’s sharp rebuke of those who oppose the Pinoy Independence Day celebration in Orchard Road.

PM Lee, once again without weighing the implications of his quick stamp of approval, shows how inept he is as Prime Minister.

What’s his hidden agenda? How many Pinoy are newly minted Singapore citizens?

The word on the street is that PM Lee, aware of the waning support of Singaporeans for the ruling PAP, is wooing new citizens who are likely to throw in their lot with the PAP.

There was a time when we were proud to carry a red Singapore passport. But with Singapore citizenship being given away like toilet paper, this is no longer the case.

It’s heartening that many Singaporeans, not from a fringe group as PM Lee and his mouthpiece Straits Times ( vilified as Shitty Times by netizens) would like us to believe, have spoken up and made a stand in opposing the Pinoy
Independence Day celebration.

Many have suspected PM Lee of a hidden agenda in importing hordes of people from third world country: as votes bank to boost the PAP.

Despite PM Lee’s mumbo jumbo about the need for a 6.9 million population for continued economic development, lurking below that White Paper proposal was his hidden agenda: to prop up his regime with newly minted citizens’ votes, thus ensuring his political survival.

PM Lee has once again betrayed his true intention over the continued influx of foreigners into the country.

The widespread belief that PM Lee cannot be trusted is therefore reinforced.

In the words of a once popular Singapore song: Stand up for Singapore.

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