How PAP squeeze Singaporeans: water conservation tax

Browsing through ST aka Shitty Times, consistently ranked at the bottom of the class, I came across this letter (Why tax those who use less water?) about the water conservation tax.

The writer related her experience in saving water and yet got hit by the tax.

I can understand her frustration as I too tried to save water. Finally I gave up.

What’s the point of going through all the trouble of conserving water and yet you still have to pay the Water Conservation Tax? You are not going to save much anyway so why bother?

When it comes to ideas on generating revenue, the regime surpasses every nation in the world.

The COE scheme comes readily to mind. At current levels one has to pay SGD$60,000 to $70,000 just for a piece of paper costing perhaps only 10 cent to give you the privilege of buying a car.

The Water Conservation Tax is not about conservation at all but all about squeezing money from Singaporeans, a bad habit of the regime that has turned many against it.

Scrap the tax!!


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