Frustration: ICA indifferent to Woodlands Checkpoint congestion

ICA is hugely disappointing. Motorists who use the land checkpoint at Woodlands would surely share the same sentiment about ICA.

This is putting it mildly. Friends who are JB regulars get agitatedy every time the subject of checkpoint congestion is mentioned. A torrent of abusive language is the standard reaction.

My friend Victor is a JB regular. When I met him today he appeared agitated.

“What happened? You look as if you have seen a ghost,” I said.

“Idiotic ICA. Even on a weekday the jam yesterday returning to Singapore stretched all the way back to the Msian Checkpoint. Took me an hour to get out of Woodlands Checkpoint.”

I emphatised with him. I’ve been through all that myself. For twenty odd years, people have been writing to the press about the perennial checkpoint congestion with suggestions on how to expedite traffic flow. But all this fell on deaf ears.

In fact, the situation has worsened. With recent security breaches in mind, ICA has now stepped up its vigilance.

Immigration officers would step out of their booths to verify the identity of each traveller. Imagine the delay if there are seven passengers in MPVs.

Even with only a passenger in the front seat, immigration officers feel a compelling need for such a scrutiny. Over at the Customs point, custom officers check one or two cars at one go. Why can’t they check three or four cars at one go?

Now, I’ve given suggestions on how to improve traffic flow and given ICA ‘s lackadaisical attitude I won’t repeat them here.

ICA is indifferent to travellers’ discomfort and the inconvenience they suffer. Nobody in authority cares a jot about that. In short, “you suffer,your business”.

ICA’s Mission is to “ensure that the movement of people, goods and conveyances through our checkpoints is legitimate and lawful”. It should add “speedily” as well.

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