Hollow Promises: President Tony Tan Address in Parliament

Today, to no one’s surprise, ST aka Shitty Times enthusiastically published the full text of the minority President’s Address in Parliament.


I merely skimmed over the captions and headlines.

The government vowed to make Singapore a better place and home, take care of the elderly, have more safety nets, put Singaporeans at ease over their healthcare costs, do more for Nsmen and the Pioneer Generation, improve public transport and generally do more to improve the lives of Singaporeans.

What’s new to Singaporeans? Nothing at all to be honest.

These are the things people have been grousing about in the social media all along. With the next General Election looming, PM Lee, widely denounced as incompetent, suddenly wants to paint himself as a caring PM.

Didn’t he say the same things in his Swearing-in Speech after GE 2011? Arguably 80-90% of his pledges then remain unfulfilled-hollow promises.

Rivaling PM Lee in their ability in making empty promises is the President himself whose promises in his own Swearing-in Ceremony Speech remain unfulfilled at an astounding arguably 100%.

This must be some kind of world record unless you count waving his hands, cutting ribbons, receiving VVIPs, attending the London Olympics as worthy achievements.

It’s all mightily laughable really if it were not for the fact that these are very serious issues that impact on
the lives of Singaporeans.

PM Lee in particular many have noticed has a distressing penchant for lip service.

Midway through PM Lee’s 5-year term, the litmus test whether he had been a competent PM is to ask
and answer the question: Has your life improved since GE 2011?

As far as I’m concerned, take the latest rehashed government pledges with a large pinch of salt.

Nothing to crow about really. It’s all rehashed promises and ideas.



Unhappiness : a public protest over massive immigration that has negatively impacted the lives of Singaporeans.



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