PETTY: PM Lee’s defamation suit against blogger Roy Ngerng

Here we go again.

It’s probably in his genes. This habit of squashing dissent and criticism with defamation suits has been following PM Lee like a well-loved shadow.

Now he’s suing blogger Roy Ngerng over his claims of wrongdoing by CPF, our pension fund.

PM Lee has once again proved me right when I said he has a penchant for lip service.

At his Swearing-in Ceremony in May 2011 he said grandly: “Our political system can and must accommodate more views, more debate and more participation.”

In the era of the internet, more people both young and old are sharing their views and debating issues closest to their heart. I see this as a positive development when Singaporeans speak up.

Many see PM Lee as petty in his latest recant or I sue but this time with legal costs and damages tagged on.

It’s unbecoming of a Prime Minister, least of all one who earns the highest salary in the whole world from taxpayers, to sue a citizen who raises questions about our pension fund, CPF.

The questions and doubts raised about the CPF have been swirling about online for some time now.

Is our CPF money safe? Will members ever see their CPF money at age 55? Why does CPF pay one of the lowest returns in the world? Why does the government keep on increasing the Minimum Sums? Why the need to split CPF money into so many accounts? Why the need for Minimum Sums when other countries don’t have them?

Since blogger Roy Ngerng is a CPF member, he has every right to ask questions the way a shareholder is empowered to grill the Board of Directors of a company.

Every month 20% of one’s salary is forcibly by law siphoned into CPF. One blogger estimated that every month about 2 billion dollars flow into CPF coffers.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is REAL money not Monopoly money. Naturally people are agitated when doubts are raised over CPF. It’s money for their retirement, for God’s sake!

With all the resources and manpower at his disposal, PM Lee could have rebutted Roy Ngerng point by point. Responding to his critics with greater dignity is more befitting a Prime Minister.

Once again he’s proven people right in their assessment of him as incompetent and living in the shadow of his father.

Asked for his reaction, a young accountant said, “Yes, a dignified handling of the controversy with a calibrated rebuttal is the better strategy instead of flailing out. Now people may wonder if he has something to hide.”


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