PM Lee to blame: defamation suit against Roy Ngerng

Pioneer Elvis Thong called me and asked, “Hey, Roger, just back from Hadyai. So what’s the hottest news right now?” Pioneer because he’s from the Pioneer Generation.

“Haha, PM Lee suing a young blogger over his claims of wrong-doing by CPF,” I said.

“Again another suing? Bastard PAP!”

So I joined the dots for him.

The speed with which PM Lee slammed Roy Ngerng with his defamation suit is an indication that the government is aware of the acute unhappiness over CPF. Roy in particular has been vocal in expressing concern about CPF.

As a CPF member he has every right to ask questions about his CPF money even if his views can be extreme and therefore discomforting for the authorities.

The CPF issue has been simmering for some time now. Speculations and conspiracy theories abound but PM Lee chose to remain silent.

As the prime Minister he had all the opportunities to explain and reassure CPF members over the security of their money. He could have called a press conference, a special Parliamentary session or even mentioned it in the recent President’s Address in Parliament.

In a sense PM Lee has to shoulder part of the blame for keeping quiet. Or maybe he’s really out of touch as many people have pointed out.

Trust me, the vast majority of people out there are extremely concerned about their CPF money.

One netizen has this to say:
“This is not about company A versus company B, but a government being accountable to its citizens. The government has been entrusted by its citizens to run the country, any doubts and concerns raised by the citizens should be dutifully addressed. Has this been convincingly done, the answer is already quite clear. To silence critics will only reaffirm otherwise and hasten the downfall of this government.”

Another expressed concern over Medisave:
“i have a friend in hospital with late stage cancer and has chalked up quite a large sum in hospital bills. Yet his request to use his CPF funds to pay his medical bills was rejected because it would “fall below the minimum sum”. This is completely ridiculous! LATE STAGE CANCER GOING TO DIE ALREADY LEH KEEP MINIMUM SUM FOR WHAT? TO WIPE BACKSIDE AH? Clearly a ruse from the government to continue to feed the reserves.”

Reading this feedback, you will understand why people get emotional and upset.

“You deposit money in the bank and then suddenly the bank changes the rules and says we will keep the money for you for your own good and pay you back by installments,” Elvis Thong said.

“Precisely. PM Lee took it too personally. His action was ill-advised. People will remember this come GE 2016,” I said.


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