ICA: do more to improve traffic flow at Woodlands Checkpoint

Drivers who use the Woodlands Checkpoint are fed up and frustrated with the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA).

Traffic congestion at the popular checkpoint and Causeway is a daily occurrence now. Given the immense increase in the population and car ownership this is hardly surprising.

Every infrastructure in Singapore seems unable to cope with the great spike in the population ranging from the transport system, health services, the police force, the Manpower Ministry to ICA.

Frustrated motorists have written to the papers to complain and offer suggestions, including myself, but ICA is indifferent and deaf to feedback.

This is hugely disappointing. As a government agency it’s also committed to the civil service core value of efficiency. ICA shouldn’t hide behind the mantra of security, security, security.

It should think out of the box and be committed to offering motorists a much faster immigration and customs clearance. I’ve offered suggestions so will not repeat them here.

Perhaps senior ICA officers could go through the experience of a one to two hours of being stuck in the traffic congestion. It’s guaranteed to be a salutary experience, trust me. Unlike the toll, forced down our throats, the ride is free.

Malaysians I often meet at car wash (RM 10 snow wash) outlets always complain, “What’s the point of going to Singapore? Every day traffic jam at Woodlands Checkpoint. No joke sitting in the car for one to two hours on a hot day.”

What’s certain is that ICA will never win a prize for its role in attracting tourists to Singapore.

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