Woodlands Checkpoint congestion: ICA is the culprit


Daily afffair: congestion tailback from Singapore immigration to Malaysia immigration checkpoint. 

At a JB car wash I asked a Malaysian,”Do you often go to Singapore?”

“I used to occasionally but ever since the congestion at your Woodlands checkpoint I’ve stopped crossing over. That includes many of my friends.

It’s normal even on a weekday to see terrible congestion which sometimes tails back all the way to the Malaysian checkpoint.

On most days now, you are lucky if you can clear Woodlands immigration and customs in an hour.

As a senior citizen, I’ve a problem with bladder control. Don’t laugh but I’ve an empty plastic bottle in the car.”

I laughed. “I agree with you.”

“You don’t see traffic congestion on the Malaysian side. Even returning to Malaysia I faced long queues at Woodlands ICQ.

The way I see it it’s the way your immigration and customs officers go about their tasks. Very slow and a lot of unnecessary checking of this and that.

ICA is the culprit”, the Malaysian senior citizen said. “Take it or leave it your ICA seems to say. My friends and I boycott Singapore. None of my neighbors want to visit Singapore.

Why suffer the long delay at your checkpoint?”

I said Singapore motorists are also very upset and frustrated.

But since the Minister in charge is only interested in security and not your suffering, nothing will change. Motorists must speak up against the perennial congestion at our land borders.

Keeping quiet and being stoic won’t rouse the Minister in charge from
improving the situation.

When I left the car wash his accusation “ICA is the culprit” kept reverberating in my mind.


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