PAP Core Value: collecting and collecting more and more revenue


Unjustified: ERP is to control traffic congestion but where’s the congestion here? Illogical.


I was struck by what the British PM David Cameron said yesterday in Parliament.

To a packed House, he declared that his government intended to let people keep more of their money in their pockets.

Say what you like about the British PM but he impresses with his dynamism and willingness to engage the media and his critics unlike our PMs who have had a deplorable record of silencing their critics with defamation law suits.

Singaporeans face a barrage of indirect taxes ranging from COEs, ERP to the water conservation tax.

The Singapore government and its agencies have honed to a fine art the excuses they give to raise taxes, fees and levies.

One of the most absurd excuses was the one given by LTA when asked why motorists needed to pay a toll at Woodlands Checkpoint on leaving the country.

LTA’s reply? Oh, because the other side, meaning the Malaysian side, imposed a toll.

Now I’ve no beef with that because at least the Malaysian toll is justified as we add to their congestion and use their infrastructure.

Perhaps LTA exit toll is for the privilege of admiring the Woodlands Checkpoint’s architectural wonders or the Causeway as a tourist attraction?

With more disposal income in their pockets, more families can afford family holidays, books, recreational activities like plays, concerts, sports and other activities that can promote happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

I’ve yet to hear the ruling PAP government ever uttering the same sentiment as the British PM.

On the contrary, it keeps on
squeezing and squeezing people for money.

A friend who was recently fined by roving LTA Enforcement for illegal parking in a deserted road one night can attest to that greed.

But then perhaps the government is adhering to the exhortation of the PAP strongman of “What’s wrong with collecting more money?”

You have to admire him really for his unwavering principle: at 91 he’s still on the payroll as an MP.

As to whether an ailing MP can still function that’s one enduring mystery I leave it to more astute minds to solve.


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