Return Our CPF: demands for transparency and accountability

ImageImageIt was the biggest public protest I’ve ever seen at Hong Lim Park today. A source put it at 5000.

Both the young and the old and people from all ethnic groups turned up in support of today’s protest over the ongoing CPF issue. Two even journeyed to HLP in their wheelchairs.

The theme today was RETURN OUR CPF.

The speakers all voiced doubt and anxiety over our CPF. They demanded greater transparency and accountability from the government.

They pointed out to the legions of elderly people who still have to toil as cleaners, sell tissue papers and collect cardboards because they don’t have enough in their CPF. Some even committed suicide.

One speaker said that CPF returns are the lowest in the world and that we have been shortchanged.

PM Lee bragged that we have a first world Parliament. It’s illogical when we don’t even have a first world government, one that protects the Constitution, believes in transparency and accountability and above all works in the BEST INTERESTS of its citizens.

Clearly PM Lee has stirred a hornet’s nest with his defamation law suit.




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