Woodlands Checkpoint Congestion: why is ICA indifferent?

ImageAny business that conducts itself with indifference to its customers would soon find them boycotting it. This why big companies like Apple have customer support, winning them loyal customers.

Government agencies should adopt a similar mindset of customer service. One government agency that cares about this is CPF which is very much in the news these days.

CPF is prompt with responding to enquiries. Considering the fact that it’s a big organization with thousands of members, its response to emails is admirably fast.

Whatever your views about CPF, its customer service is pretty impressive.

“What about ICA?”, a JB regular asked indignantly. “Zero customer service. Take our toll money but can’t be bothered about everyday congestion.”


This school holiday period sees daily congestion at the Woodlands Checkpoint, both outbound and inbound, from morning till midnight.

Outbound, it may take about an hour just to clear immigration. Inbound, the congestion can be so bad that it tails back all the way to the Malaysian Checkpoint. If one is caught in this situation, it may take more than an hour to clear Singapore customs.

ICA is indifferent to the plight of thousands of motorists. It should show empathy and do more to ease the terrible congestion at Woodlands Checkpoint.

If ICA is stuck and can’t think out of the box, it should invite expert consultants to advise it.

ICA’s signal seems to be take it or leave it. Is our vaunted culture of efficiency crumbling?


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