VEP increases: Msian government killing the golden goose

All governments regard an additional stream irresistible. The only thing that may make them think twice is the threat of paying a political price.

Long used to squeezing money from its citizens, the ruling PAP hitherto have had no such fears. But the bad habit is so ingrained in its DNA, that the PAP still chases after every dollar at the slightest excuse.

The Malaysian government appears to be emulating the Singapore government in its proposal to raise the toll for Singapore vehicles entering JB.

What precisely is their justification? None was given except that it was incensed over the VEP increases by Singapore.

Malaysian lorry associations can simply pass on the increase in VEP to Singapore consumers.

Malaysians may boycott Singapore which is a positive for Johor.

No doubt both the Malaysian government and Johor state government are salivating over the prospect of additional revenue.

But they had better not be overcome by greed. Reducing JB and Iskandar to a ghost town may result in BN paying a political price.

Clearly it is a tit for tat. The golden goose might be slaughtered in the process.

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