VEP increases: Malaysia hits back at Singapore

I’ve have never had such a good laugh.

Johor reportedly does not object to the Malaysian government proposal to impose a levy on Singapore cars. Hahaha, with the prospect of millions in revenue, Johor doesn’t object?

State Public Works, Rural and Regional Development Committee chairman Datuk Hasni Mohammad said besides a token toll charge, Singaporean cars entering the state capital currently do not have to pay any fee.

This Datuk even claimed that Singaporeans cause a lot of trouble in JB. He cited the example of congestion in the city centre.

But this claim does not match what I actually see in JB. The new Johor CIQ has diverted much of the Singapore traffic away from JB. The city centre is now very much quieter compared to the days of the old Johor CIQ when Singapore cars had to go through “pusat bandar” or JB city centre.

What other troubles do Singaporeans cause the Datuk didn’t specify. Perhaps, Singaporeans thronging the shopping malls cause human congestion? Ha, but I’m very sure retailers are happy.

With due respect to Datuk, I think he is seriously out of touch.

However, I respect the Malaysian government right to impose any fee they like. But Singaporeans will vote with their feet and avoid JB altogether.

The truth is many Singaporeans are in two minds about JB. On the one hand, they can’t tolerate the congestion at the checkpoints, thanks largely to ICA indifference; on the other, the bargains in JB are tempting.

But with a JB toll of not less than RM 50 (to be matched by an ever greedy LTA), Malaysia has made the decision easier for Singaporeans: no point crossing over now.

I hope Datuk is pleased now as with fewer Singaporeans in JB, there is less trouble, is it not?

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